How I conceptualize Cloud Computing

First, clouds come in and say, “Zeus demands more computing power to make his next ‘Immortals’ movie.


Zeus demands power

Pheer me, mortals!

Next, the hoi polloi gather computer parts into vast warehouses and the geeks connect them all up using Linux or Unix-based operating systems.


Then software designers are forced to work day and night, developing software capable of spreading the processing workload across a cluster of interconnected computers.


Some find that the grouping of computers and their storage capacity is useful to store their music, movies, and other pointless files! Even more find that the extra computing power allows them to run database-heavy ERP web-based applications!


And so, Zeus, the thunder god, is made pleased. Now his new Immortals movie will have more than enough computing capacity and storage to show his adulterous glory.


Zeus was happy with this development until he realized his identity was stolen and the Post-It note that had his server access information was taken. Perhaps Zeus shouldn’t have put the Post-It up on his computer monitor, with his passport and ID sitting right underneath it.


Now Zeus has to deal with dirty blackmailing hackers who are threatening to release video of how Hercules was conceived unless Zeus gives them a thunderbolt… Darn dirty hackers…