Climate Change rears it’s ugly head as state-sanctioned religion.

Whatever happened to separation of church and state?

It seems liberals are quite content with removing anything remotely Christian from the public scene, yet when it comes to their religion (based on climatology pseudo-science) we are expected to bow and recite daily vespers. The once-worshipped phrase “Global Warming” has been conveniently freshly labeled as “Climate Change”, obviously useful for its vagueness and broad range of possible meanings (climate always changes, after all).

Evidence to disprove the theory of climate change abound ([1] [2] [3] [4] [5]), yet why would President Obama and other high-profile liberals be intent on seeing this religion forced onto a wary public through costly and destructive legislation?

Liberals have been pushing their Pantheistic religions on the American public for decades, yet now they have their god and doctrine bundled with a nice little name. Yet, what we actually see is the highest tier of liberal using the lower tiers of liberal to continue an agenda as old as time- the struggle for power. The highest tier of liberal feeds from the ability to force his or her own will upon others. To the highest tier of liberal, they are their own god (morals are easily moldable), and they derive satiation by obtaining power. The only reason such foolish notions ever gained ground is because there is a ready and willing audience of eco-nuts that meandered into Democrat territory along with other reverse-wired individuals, who were more than willing to absorb the doctrine of their religion.

So then why climate change? Because now that you have your god, your doctrine, and a group of zealous followers- you have power and you have a means to fund your operations. With the plethora of eco-books, products, and scare-scenarios on the market- not to mention vast support in public schools, we have a whole industry of fear-mongering catered to these types of individuals (the same types who jumped onto the bandwagon of killer asteroids, motherships, global-cooling, global-warming, enter-your-end-of-the-world-scenario-here) along with a future generation of poorly-educated and panicked individuals raised to believe the hype. As long as liberals are spoon fed an agenda and a purpose of existence, they can continue with a fervent denial of reality that continues to astound people to this day. And so the hypocritical Michael Moore’s of the world can continue to feed off of lower tier liberals, making millions of dollars and destroying their local ecosystems with their vast mansions and man-made lakes, all the while bashing the system that enabled them to achieve this level of prosperity.

Why do this?

Well, the lower tiers need something to fight (the current system- capitalism), and they need something to blame(America)- upper tier liberals use methods akin to the methods Hitler used to achieve change by blaming Jews for the problems of Germany also good ol’ Saul Alinsky (and his dedication to Satan). You have a group of people without a purpose or direction, desperate for something and so propaganda is more effective on them then on most.

Too bad for them, reason and evidence has performed a deicide. There is only room enough for One God, sorry guys.


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